NGS data analysis is complex ! What is even more complex is managing / handling multiple excel files, with 1000’s of rows and columns, results from these analysis.


SQDB: A smart, interactive and customized database solution to Store, Query & Interpret your pre-analyzed RNA-Seq & Small RNA-Seq

  1. Comprehensive functional annotation curated from multiple public resources (example: NCBI, ENSEMBL, UNIPROT, GENE ONTOLOGY, KEGG Pathway & Species specific databases viz. TAIR, MSU Rice, FLYBASE, MGI etc.)
  2. Data storage in a structured and secured database format
  3. Smart, interactive and simple user interface (biologist friendly)
  4. Multi-directional relational database query system (Expression > < Transcripts / Gene > < Ontologies > < Pathways)
  5. Unique inter-relationship module to study mRNA – miRNA expression interaction.
  6. ON THE FLY comparative expression profile across multiple samples / conditions
  7. Multi search option with Entrez Gene Id’s, Gene Ontology Id, KEGG ID, UniProt Id, miRBase Id and even with Free Keywords text search
  8. Unique and specialized matrix functionality for intersection / overlap analysis between multiple id searches