NGS data analysis is complex ! What is even more complex is managing / handling multiple excel files, with 1000โ€™s of rows and columns, results from these analysis.


SQDB: A smart, interactive and customized database solution to Store, Query & Interpret your pre-analyzed RNA-Seq & Small RNA-Seq

  1. Comprehensive functional annotation curated from multiple public resources (example: NCBI, ENSEMBL, UNIPROT, GENE ONTOLOGY, KEGG Pathway & Species specific databases viz. TAIR, MSU Rice, FLYBASE, MGI etc.)
  2. Data storage in a structured and secured database format
  3. Smart, interactive and simple user interface (biologist friendly)
  4. Multi-directional relational database query system (Expression > < Transcripts / Gene > < Ontologies > < Pathways)
  5. Unique inter-relationship module to study mRNA โ€“ miRNA expression interaction.
  6. ON THE FLY comparative expression profile across multiple samples / conditions
  7. Multi search option with Entrez Gene Idโ€™s, Gene Ontology Id, KEGG ID, UniProt Id, miRBase Id and even with Free Keywords text search
  8. Unique and specialized matrix functionality for intersection / overlap analysis between multiple id searches