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Our In-house molecular biology research laboratory and advance computational facility are well equipped to meet multi-omics research needs. In our past 10+ years of continuous collaborative association with various research labs across the globe, we kept learning and improving our molecular biology and big data analytics skills by handling complex projects using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Microarray, LCMS, and other advance technologies in genomics, proteomics, and other allied domains.

Explore cutting edge Science with us. We are flexible and eager to take up challenging projects.

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Contract Research Services

Technology Platform

Illumina – Short Read

PacBio – Long Read

Nanopore – Long Read


Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole Exome / Targeted

Genome Finishing (Hi-C / Bionano)

Genotyping By Seq (GBS)

Single Cell Genomics

Exosomal DNA / cfDNA-Seq


Amplicon – 16S/ ITS

MID – Sanger


Shotgun Metagenome



Bisulfite (WGBS / RRBS)

ChIP / MeDIP Seq

ATAC – Seq

Hi – C Proximity Ligation

Single-cell ATAC

Single-cell Multiomics


Whole Transcriptome

Small RNA Profiling

Degradome Profiling

Exosomal RNA-seq

Single-cell RNA-Seq

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