Scientific Reports

Title: Comparative genomic analysis of a naturally competent Elizabethkingia anophelis isolated from an eye infection.
Abstract : Elizabethkingia anophelis has now emerged as an opportunistic human pathogen. However, its mechanisms of transmission remain unexplained. Comparative genomic (CG) analysis of E. anopheles endophthalmitis strain surprisingly found from an eye infection patient with twenty-five other E. anophelis genomes revealed its potential to participate in horizontal gene transfer. CG analysis revealed that the study isolate has an open pan genome and has undergone extensive gene rearrangements. We demonstrate that the strain is naturally competent, hitherto not reported in any members of Elizabethkingia. Presence of competence related genes, mobile genetic elements, Type IV, VI secretory systems and a unique virulence factor arylsulfatase suggests a different lineage of the strain. Deciphering the genome of E. anophelis having a reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors associated with diverse human infections may open up avenues to deal with the myriad of its human infections and devise strategies to combat the pathogen.
Authors : Bulagonda EP, Manivannan B, Mahalingam N, Lama M, Chanakya PP, Khamari B, Jadhao S, Vasudevan M, Nagaraja V.

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