NGS Data Analysis


NGS has revolutionised lifesciences research with direct impact on healthcare, food production, environmental protection and alternative sources of energy. However, NGS data analysis remain a challenge and continue to be a bottleneck, considerably slowing down the rate of discoveries. The complex, large volume NGS data analysis and interpretation require a highly competitive analytics team with interdisciplinary skill sets in high-power computing, statistics and biology in addition to high-end computational infrastructure. At Bionivid, we are mastering the art of simplified data analysis through our experience of handling more than 100 NGS projects with diverse applications and species.

We customise and improvise analytical work flows to suit individual project goals and arrive at meaningful inferences with continuous client interactions.


  • Genome

    • De-novo genome assembly
    • Genome alignment and analysis
    • Human Exome analysis
    • Targeted re-sequencing analysis

  • Transcriptome

    • De-novo RNA-seq Analysis
    • Reference RNA-seq Analysis
    • miRNA-seq Analysis
    • Degradome Analysis

  • Epigenome

    • Bisulfite-seq Analysis
    • ChIP-Seq Analysis
    • MeDIP-seq Analysis
    • FAIRE-seq Analysis