Title: miRNA signatures can predict acute liver failure in hepatitis E infected pregnant females
Abstract: Acute viral hepatitis E (AVH-E) can often result in acute liver failure (ALF) during pregnancy. microRNAs serve as mediators in drug induced liver failure. We investigated their role as a biomarker in predicting ALF due to HEV (ALF-E).
FINDINGS: Eleven microRNAs were significantly expressed in response to HEV infection; importantly, miR- 431, 654, 1468 and 4435, were distinctly expressed in pregnant self-limiting AVH-E and healthy females (p = 0.0005), but not in ALF-E. Sixteen exclusive microRNAs differentiated ALF-E from self limiting AVH-E in pregnant females. miR-450b which affects cellular proliferation and metabolic processes through RNF20 and SECB was predominanlty upregulated and correlated with poor outcome (ROC 0.958, p = 0.001).
Authors : Trehanpati N, Sehgal R, Patra S, Vyas A, Vasudevan M, Khosla R, Khanam A, Kumar G, Maiwall R, Ramakrishna G, Kottilil S, Sarin SK

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