Genomics Services

A well designed project and the choice of right platform to generate data ensures half work done.  Our expertise in project planning and management has proven results in reducing project turnaround time and cost without compromising on generating high quality data.

Bionivid also offers data generation service using Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray Technology.  We help you design the project and help make decision on the right platform to be selected to suit your experimental objective.

  • Microarray Services

    • Gene Expression Profiling
    • miRNA Profiling
    • WG SNP Genotyping
    • Custom SNP Genotyping
    • Array CGH
    • Genome wide Methylation Profiling
    • ChIP on Chip

  • NGS Services

    • Genome sequencing
    • Human Exome sequencing
    • Targeted re-sequencing
    • Transcriptome sequencing
    • miRNA sequencing
    • Bisulfite sequencing
    • ChIP Sequencing