• Scientific Reports, April 2018

    Title : Rudhira/BCAS3 is essential for mouse development and cardiovascular patterning. Abstract : Rudhira/Breast Carcinoma Amplified Sequence 3 (BCAS3) is a cytoskeletal protein that promotes directional cell migration and angiogenesis in vitro and is implicated in human carcinomas and coronary artery disease. To study the role of Rudhira during development in vivo, we generated the […]

  • The Febs Journal

    Title : p53 mediated regulation ofcoactivator associated arginine methyltransferase 1 (CARM1) expression iscritical for suppression of adipogenesis. Abstract : Coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1 (CARM1/PRMT4) is a type I arginine methyltransferase that mediates transcriptional activation via methylation of histone H3 on R17, R26, and R42. CARM1 is also a coactivator of transcription of various transcription factors […]

  • Molecular Therapy – Nucleic Acids, December 2017

    Title : Characterization andMolecular Mechanism of Peptide-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticle Inhibiting p53-HDM2Interaction in Retinoblastoma. Abstract: Inhibition of the interaction between p53 and HDM2 is an effective therapeutic strategy in cancers that harbor a wild-type p53 protein such as retinoblastoma (RB). Nanoparticle-based delivery of therapeutic molecules has been shown to be advantageous in localized delivery, including to […]

  • Hepatology

    Title : Global microRNA expressionprofiling in the liver biopsies of hepatitis B virus-infected patients suggestsspecific microRNA signatures for viral persistence and hepatocellular injury. Abstract : Hepatitis B virus (HBV) can manipulate the microRNA (miRNA) regulatory networks in infected cells to create a permissive environment for viral replication, cellular injury, disease onset, and its progression. The […]

  • Genome Announcements , October 2017

    Title : Draft Genome Sequence of Rhizoctonia solani Anastomosis Group 1 Subgroup 1AStrain 1802/KB Isolated from Rice. Abstract : Sheath blight, caused by Rhizoctonia solani anastomosis group 1 subgroup 1A (AG1-1A), is one of the most devastating rice diseases worldwide. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of R. solani AG1-1A strain 1802/KB isolated from […]

  • Plos One, October 2017

    Title : Identification of functionally important microRNAs from rice inflorescence at heading stage of a qDTY4.1-QTL bearing Near Isogenic Line under drought conditions. Abstract : A cross between IR64 (high-yielding but drought-susceptible) and Aday Sel (drought-tolerant) rice cultivars yielded a stable line with enhanced grain yield under drought screening field trials at International Rice Research […]

  • Scientific Reports , July 2017

    Title : Co-expressionnetwork analysis of toxin-antitoxin loci in Mycobacterium tuberculosis revealskey modulators of cellular stress. Abstract : Research on toxin-antitoxin loci (TA loci) is gaining impetus due to their ubiquitous presence in bacterial genomes and their observed roles in stress survival, persistence and drug tolerance. The present study investigates the expression profile of all the […]

  • Heliyon

    Title: miRNA signatures can predict acute liver failure in hepatitis E infected pregnant females Abstract: Acute viral hepatitis E (AVH-E) can often result in acute liver failure (ALF) during pregnancy. microRNAs serve as mediators in drug induced liver failure. We investigated their role as a biomarker in predicting ALF due to HEV (ALF-E). FINDINGS: Eleven […]