• Bionivid is fueled by a spirited team with interdisciplinary and complimenting skill sets.
    We engage in positive knowledge transfer and creative team discussions leading to cutting edge and innovative solutions for every project that we handle.

    We are a group of biologists, statisticians and IT experts working together to provide superior data analytics solutions with relevant biological inferences.

Meet Our Team

  • Madavan Vasudevan

    Madavan Vasudevan

    — Director, Research and Operations

  • Rohit Nandan Shukla

    Rohit Nandan Shukla

    — Director, Training and Development

  • Hitesh Goswami

    Hitesh Goswami

    — Director, Business Strategy and Planning

  • Payal Chakraborty

    Payal Chakraborty

    — Genome Artist

  • Subodh Tambat

    Subodh Tambat

    — Genome Artist

  • Narwade Nitin Pundlik

    Narwade Nitin Pundlik

    — Genome Artist

  • Piyush Kumar Tiwari

    Piyush Kumar Tiwari

    — Application Scientist

  • Ankita Acharya

    Ankita Acharya

    — Genome Artist

  • Madhura Tathode

    Madhura Tathode

    — Genome Artist

  • Yogesh Werulkar

    Yogesh Werulkar

    — Software Developer

  • Ria Dutta

    Ria Dutta

    — Application Scientist

  • Avinash Dhar

    Avinash Dhar

    — Senior Genome Artist

  • Komal


    — Application Scientist

  • Suvankar Mandal

    Suvankar Mandal

    — Application Scientist

  • Devika Singh

    Devika Singh

    — Application Scientist

  • Richa Bhardwaj

    Richa Bhardwaj

    — Counselor – The Genome Education

  • Soumya Arun

    Soumya Arun

    — Admin and Accounts Executive

  • Priyanka Nath

    Priyanka Nath

    — Project Coordinator

  • Shemi Ramesh

    Shemi Ramesh

    — Genome Artist