• NGS data Analysis

    Comprehensive informatics solutions for diverse genomics applications such as genome sequencing, transcriptomics and epigenome analysis.

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  • Training Programs

    Well structured and effective training programs conducted by genome informatics experts for practical learning of high-throughput genomics data analytics.

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  • NGS Services

    Efficient project management of high-resolution genomics services using Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray assays, catering to individual project goals.

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  • Genome Station

    Genome Stations are specialized NGS Data Analysis servers / workstations, optimized and integrated with biologist friendly user interface based NGS data analysis pipeline.

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  • SQDB

    Freedom for excel columns and rows. Mine and interpret your pre-analysed mRNA/Small RNA differential expression data with SQDB’s Biologist friendly query and search interface.

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  • G-Stack

    Cloud based Genomics data Storage solution. Store, retrieve and share large NGS data files and reports with ease. With personalized dashboard feature for better data management.

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    • Genome “IT” workshop #80

      Genome “IT” workshop #80: Successfully completed In-house Short term (3days) NGS Data Analysis workshop on Whole Genome Seq Data Analytics from 26-28 June 2017 @ Bionivid “ Genome Education Centre” Bangalore.

  • Latest Publication

    • Scientific Reports, 7th February 2019

      Title : Comparative transcriptomics approach in elucidation of carotenoid biosynthesis regulation in grains of rice (OryzasativaL.) Abstract : Background: Estimation of phytoene, lycopene, β-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin in grains of white, brown and purple cultivars of rice revealed marked differences in the levels of these carotenoid intermediates amongst the cultivars. Grains of white rice did […]

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