• NGS data Analysis

    Comprehensive informatics solutions for diverse genomics applications such as genome sequencing, transcriptomics and epigenome analysis.

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  • Training Programs

    Well structured and effective training programs conducted by genome informatics experts for practical learning of high-throughput genomics data analytics.

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  • NGS Services

    Efficient project management of high-resolution genomics services using Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray assays, catering to individual project goals.

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  • Genome Station

    Genome Stations are specialized NGS Data Analysis servers / workstations, optimized and integrated with biologist friendly user interface based NGS data analysis pipeline.

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  • SQDB

    Freedom for excel columns and rows. Mine and interpret your pre-analysed mRNA/Small RNA differential expression data with SQDB’s Biologist friendly query and search interface.

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  • G-Stack

    Cloud based Genomics data Storage solution. Store, retrieve and share large NGS data files and reports with ease. With personalized dashboard feature for better data management.

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    • newsletter_september_201611

      Newsletter September 2016

        Welcome to Bionivid September newsletter. This month we would like to share information about our grand success of NGS4ALL event under our Genome Education and CSR initiative.  Also, update on the new publications from Bionivid team.  We are very proud to announce the launch of our most innovative and revolutionary solution to help Biologist perform NGS data analysis independently, called Genome Stations.

  • Workshop & Training

    • november-training

      NGS Data Analysis Workshop

      Genome “IT” workshop #73: Successfully completed In-house Short term (3days) NGS Data Analysis workshop from 21-23 November 2016 @ Bionivid “ Genome Education Centre” Bangalore.

  • Latest Publication

    • system-bio

      Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine

      TITLE: Age-related changes in gene expression patterns of immature and aged rat primordial follicles. ABSTRACT: Women are born with millions of primordial follicles which gradually decrease with increasing age and this irreversible supply of follicles completely exhausts at menopause. The fertility capacity of women diminishes in parallel with aging. The mechanisms for reproductive aging are […]

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